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A new concept in geometric learning is now available with the Wonderworld Waggy Garden. The Wonderworld Waggy Garden is a nature themed shape discovery and play set, and is a fun toy that encourages learning the dynamics of geometric shapes. The Wonderworld Waggy Garden is a slightly slanted cylinder shaped container that facilitates a child's actual sorting motion. The adjustable top of the container opens and closes and has differently shaped slots to fit the colored garden creature inspired blocks. It can also be rolled along on its side to make a ratting sound. The Wonderworld Waggy Garden opens the door to learning with a fun and exciting process that is sure to keep your baby entertained for hours.

Eco-Friendly: Made in Thailand from environmentally friendly rubberwood and strictly using Non-Toxic Paints, Dyes and Lacquers and Formaldehyde Free Glue. Packaging is made from at least 70% recycled paper.

Age (months): 18+